Paul Colligan At Google – June 10, 2008

On 6/10/2008, I presented on the topic of New Media and Podcasting at Google. Here are the slides (in PDF).

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Links Mentioned During The Presentation
Year Of Living Digitally
The Business Podcasting Bible
Brooklyn Bridge @ IMDB
Ramona On The Kindle
Amazon KindleBattlestar Galactica
New Media Inner Circle
Popcorn Hour
Edison Report
L.A. Times
ABI Research
7th Son
Grammar Girl
Stompernet SMARTS
New Media Expo
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  • Duncan

    It’s up on youtube:

    Are the slides here? Or on slideshare or something? Thanks.

  • Paolo Tosolini

    Nice talk Paul, as always a good refreshing overview of the new media / podcasting world.

  • Paul Colligan

    Thanks Paulo.