I bought a Chromebook.

I bought a Chromebook.

I bought my first Chromebook this week and am pretty impressed with it. I’ll send some more tests next week, but, this is an interesting place.

My thought was – how do I get to the Internet as quickly as is possible and as easily as possible? What am I putting in the way?

Right now, the promise of the Chromebook is click the button, on the Internet in full / traditional desktop, keyboard, trackpad glory. I’ve found it to be surprisingly nice.

Any thoughts on the whole approach? Do you really need Apple or Microsoft and spinning hard drives and viruses and operating systems to access the web?

Oh, yeah, it was $139 as a refurb – does that price change your mind?

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So, I’m narrowing my career goals (life statement, mission statement, whatever you want to call it) a bit – and I like the direction I’m going.

So, I’m narrowing my career goals (life statement, mission statement, whatever you want to call it) a bit – and I like the direction I’m going. The working statement is:

“Paul Colligan helps others expand their reach by leveraging tech and eliminating dramas.”

In 6 words, it’s

“Expand reach, leverage tech, eliminate dramas.”

I’m not satisfied with the “no drama” phrase – but this link does a better job of explaining what I’m thinking


What do Kindle, Podcasting, YouTube, etc. all have in common – EXPANDING REACH

What do I think the best way to do it is? – BY LEVERAGING TECH

What do I find most consultants do? Add drama. LET’S ELIMINATED DRAMAS in the process.

So, that’s what I’m thinking. What do you think? Better ways to phrase this? Am I off?

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About YouTube Strategies 2014.

About YouTube Strategies 2014.

So, I clicked all the buttons to remove YouTube Strategies from distribution. Kindle, Amazon, Barnes And Noble, … all gone. Everything should be gone in an hour or so.

YouTube Strategies 2014 is coming soon. And, when we release initially, it will be just 99 cents for a very short period of time – i.e., until we climb the charts to #1 in that position.

And, for everyone who picks up the Kindle Book at 99 cent, on that very special day, will get a coupon for my $97 YouTube Udemy Course when they register the book.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were updated when we do that? Wouldn’t it just stink if you missed out on it?

Text your name and email (or call and leave a voice mail message) to (503) 444-9821 and I’ll make sure you’re updated.

You can also just send a blank email to 15034449821@instantcustomer.com – It’s your call.

I’m so thrilled with YouTube Strategies 2014. I know you will be to.

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I work from home, because I can. I had breakfast with my kids and will have lunch (and dinner) with them as well. But it’s not about working at home.

Today at 2pm I’m part of Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit where I’ll be running a panel of video experts from Revision3 (Discovery Networks) and Sales Force. Some 3,000 will either attend live – or watch that recording eventually.

After dinner (with my kids), I jump on a plane for San Diego for Instant Customer’s #Rocktoberfest event. I’ll be sharing the latest on Multicasting with a great crowd.

On the plane I’ll be editing some content that will go out on YouTube and reach even more. I’ll also be posting a Podcast. WIFI ON A PLANE PEOPLE!

Today I touch thousands of people, create the content I love and have all three meals with my family.

What has the Internet allowed you to do?

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Can I Handle The Truth?

Can I Handle The Truth?

So here at the Author 101 University event there is this guy that I can’t look at without thinking Jack Nicholson.

Looks like Jack, walks like Jack, has Jack’s shades.

Felt guilty about it. I’m sure he is his own person and has a story bigger than just looking like Jack. Was trying to wrap my mind around trying to understand his story, his humanity, etc.

Turns out he’s a Jack Nicholson impersonator.

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On Sunday, Kajabi shut down our Kajabi site.

On Sunday, Kajabi shut down our Kajabi site. The reason reported (by email), at least apparently, was vague.

Once we realized this Monday morning, we started doing what we could to bring it back up. Since Kajabi has a 24 hour chat, I hoped it would be fast.

Turned out it was a “billing” issue and the only guy who could fix wasn’t coming in until later that morning. I tried some social media pressure, but that didn’t even bring them in on time.

You have to love the Internet lifestyle that makes the reporting for work in the morning more a “concept” than a specific time 😉

A bunch of you expressed frustrations with Kajabi (http://www.facebook.com/paulcolliganfan/posts/10151452847486477) in my Facebook post. A number of issues came up that I thought I might address here.

Now, turns out the “problem” was a comedy of errors caused by both the way Kajabi handles billing and some changes we’ve made. In short, when we changed the account over to a new email address, we didn’t change the email on the billing. The credit card expired, they notified the (old) billing address and, yes, it wasn’t monitored like it should be.

In some ways I point the finger at myself for not making sure everything was right when we made the transition from the old account holder. On the other hand, I think before anyone shuts down a big customer, automatically, when there is no chance to fix things quickly, they should double check their actions.

I’ll honestly put this one up as a draw. Kajabi was quick to get the site back up once everything was figured out. Our down time was around 14 hours and, personally, I’ve seen down time of much worse. I’m sure you have as well.

But, what can one learn from this (other than the obvious suggest to Kajabi above)?

1) If you are going to use a third party system to manage your billing, you might want to set mechanisms in place to double check on auto-shutoffs. Vice versa, if you sign up for auto-billing through a third party process, you might want to keep notes accordingly and make sure, if transitions happen, that you cover all your bases.

I actually understand and appreciate the use of third party billing systems. PCI compliance and the wacky world of hackers should make anyone considering online payments consider all the options. I have no desire for a merchant account for my Colligan.com activities anymore. Like everything in life, both options have their trade off.

2) Some of the complaints you mentioned on social media (on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus), spoke of the price of Kajabi, the lack of certain options, etc. You also mentioned not liking having to pay monthly as opposed to the single purchase option of some other popular membership sites. Pondering choices based on these variables alone are as silly as picking a car based on the what the price of the stereo is. There are dozens of variables at play here – you need to consider them all.

What do you want, who does it best, does it make sense to go down that path? Ask those questions before you ask any others. Right now, Kajabi is the best option for us, and yes, they get payment every month for their services. We consider it more than worth it.

3) Yes, there was a scary feeling of being out of control during the down time. This happens whenever someone else is running your system. Of course, I type this on a MacBook Air that I couldn’t fix to save my life, while posting this to a social network that could, at any point change anything.

You’ll notice this gets cross-posted to my blog for that very reason. No matter how cool and how fast these things are, backups are always a good idea.

4) You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Yes, I left several strongly worded messages with the powers that be at Kajabi, at the end it was, despite whatever comedy of errors I call it, “our fault.” Had I been a jerk among jerks, they could have responded with the same. They were great and once we figured this out, things came up quickly.

A sigh of relief before lunch on Monday. I thought I’d catch you up to the details.


A Content Timeline Test.

A Content Timeline Test.

Today I will be doing my biggest Content Timeline test ever, using nothing but a Google Tablet during, yes, the Apple iPhone announcement’s today.

If this goes well, I’m completely done with blogging.

This this doesn’t go well, I have a few things left to fix.

This is going to be a very interesting day for me. I hope you’ll play along with.

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I’m changing my corporate Mission Statement.

I’m changing my corporate Mission Statement.

My Mission Statement was:

“Paul Colligan helps busy people leverage new media to get their message out to more people, with less effort, and for greater profit.”

It is now:

“Paul Colligan helps the busy leverage technology to be better people and to reach more with their message (often with less effort and for greater profit).”

Whereas the changes are probably obvious to many – a few thoughts:

It’s no longer just the Internet – it’s technology as a whole. At some point, our message gets even bigger than the Internet.

Better people – tech can make us better in business, parenting, friendship, etc. I want to explore that more.

My question for you … the parenthetical “often with less effort and for greater profit” – is that needed?

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