How To Like A Page As A Page (How To Like A Facebook Page As Facebook Page)

When you like a page as a page (liking a Facebook Page as a Facebook Page), you have the opportunity to tag those that you have liked inside of your posts – as well as add to the network nature of the world’s largest social network.

In this less than 60 second video, I show you the steps you need to take – I show you how to like a page as a page. You can do this, it’s pretty easy, and if Facebook changes the process again (but still lets us like a Facebook Page as a Facebook Page), I’ll do what I can to update you here.

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  • David Foster

    Just an FYI no audio out of the right channel on this video. :) And yes, Facebook did indeed make this hard to find now.

  • Paul Colligan

    Yeah. Realized that after I promoted the heck out of the vid.