I bought a Chromebook.

I bought a Chromebook.

I bought my first Chromebook this week and am pretty impressed with it. I’ll send some more tests next week, but, this is an interesting place.

My thought was – how do I get to the Internet as quickly as is possible and as easily as possible? What am I putting in the way?

Right now, the promise of the Chromebook is click the button, on the Internet in full / traditional desktop, keyboard, trackpad glory. I’ve found it to be surprisingly nice.

Any thoughts on the whole approach? Do you really need Apple or Microsoft and spinning hard drives and viruses and operating systems to access the web?

Oh, yeah, it was $139 as a refurb – does that price change your mind?

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  • Chris O’Byrne

    Paul, I’ve been thinking along these same lines as you. I would love to hear your thoughts about the Chromebook after you’ve had a chance to put it through its courses.