Should I Enroll My Kindle Book In The Amazon KDP Select Program – Ask Paul Colligan 2.0

I’m trying out a new microphone, so I thought I’d record a quick episode of Ask Paul Colligan. In this episode I answer the age old question, “Should I Enroll My Kindle Book In The Amazon KDP Select Program.”

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  • Mellisa Dormoy

    Thanks Paul. You addressed a question I have been turning over in my mind for a while. Short, sweet and great info. Thanks!

  • Vinny

    Another con we have seen lately is while you give away your book in KDP we are also seeing a lot of 1 star reviews to go along with it. People that get the book for free are suddenly leaving lousy reviews in numbers higher than before. They figure since the book is free it isn’t worth much so they leave lousy reviews. This has just started happening within the last month. It has been a topic in our authors group lately

  • paulcolligan

    glad to have helped. make sure you subscribe to the podcast as there should be a lot more good stuff coming.

  • paulcolligan

    interesting angle / issue. thanks for bringing it up.