Free 25 Gig Cloud Hosting With Microsoft SkyDrive If You Act Now Want 25 gig of FREE Cloud Storage from Microsoft? Right now, Microsoft is offering 25 gig free Cloud Storage to anyone who goes through this quick SkyDrive (free account) upgrade process. Not a Microsoft person? No worries – there are iOS and Mac options for your files as well. Upgrade today for free before it is too late.

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  • Bethany

    Thanks Paul, but I tried it and it didn’t work.  Maybe your just special.  To be fair, I didn’t have an account with them (just created it today), so maybe it was an offer for people who have been using their system for a while?

  • paulcolligan

    Possible – i do appreciate the heads up though.

  • Larry

    My experience was the same as Bethany’s.

  • Rich Moore

    Paul, thanks for the tip, I got mine!

  • cloud computing

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  • Stephanie True Moss

    Thanks Paul for the SkyDrive free storage update hint. Got my 7 GB of storage updated to 25 GB. Thanks for the tip. One can never have enough cloud storage!

  • paulcolligan

    glad i could help!