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  • Mike Dibos

    I hear about YouTube making efforts to be more of a social platform, which is great, and which it always has been to a certain extent. Do you see them making huge changes, or subtle changes in this respect?

  • Jason Hybner

    I am currently creating products and positioning myself as an expert in my topic. What is the one thing I need to do on YouTube to facilitate this? I know upload videos with me teaching free content, but anything more specific than that?

  • Paul Colligan

    Great questions – will be answering these soon.

  • David

    Are rankings as a YouTube suggested video pushed down after YouTube advertising is begun on a video?

  • Mary Nix

    What is the number one task even a novice can complete to optimize their youtube pages?

  • paulcolligan

    I dont’ quite understand your full question. Give me a few more deets and I’ll do what I can to help.

  • David

    Oh, hello, Mr. Colligan!  Thanks for asking, really.  I had a video getting ~225 views a day, about 2/3 of which were in the YouTube Suggested Video category.  Our SEO folks set up advertised viewing, paid clicks I think is the term, and almost immediately (on February 22nd) the suggested views just dropped, disappeared, replaced by paid views.  Overall the views went down to ~150 per day, with 2/3 due to paid clicks.  I hate to misjudge a group, but the time correspondence was pretty uncanny, and none of my other videos saw changes of this sort.  The only close algorithm change I could suss out was on March 14th, but that one gave us a little boost.  So, mystified, we took off the paid clicks, and now the video just limps about at ~30 hits a day.  I’m usually pretty good at sorting this stuff out, but this is a hard thing to research online, because the necessary search terms lead to so many other hot YouTube topics.  It just has me scratching my head, so I thank you up front for any insight or advice you have.

    And by the way, have I posted somewhere I shouldn’t have gotten?  You usually have much more response activity than… well, just one guy.  Have I trespassed?

    Seriously, thanks again, very much,
    David at Floors To Your Home dot com

    (that’s our business page, really, but I’m the guy getting it going)