At the 1:27 mark, through 1:32, my smiling mug

should I quit my day job now, or after the offers start pouring in?

I'm actually next to the Pope in the scene outside too – but that stupid hat gets in the way.

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God Debate – Movie Clip from Blue Like Jazz
Don attends a debate between a theist and an atheist with the hopes of discovering meaning in life.

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  • Steven Weldler

    Great acting 😉

  • Paul Colligan

    Took a number of shots to get it right …

  • Steven Danver

    The pensive look on your face…or was that just a blank stare? 😉

  • Paul Colligan


  • Brian Bennett

    Looking good!

  • Paul Colligan

    Thanks Brian!

  • Shields Films

    Now that is ACTING! Well done Paul

  • Paul Colligan