Social Media ROI – A Quick Test

I wouldn’t even begin to call this “scientific” in my approach, but I have some fascinating results of a quick test I did that I’d love to share with you. These numbers are almost exactly 24 hours into the run.

Same message – same link – sent to 4 different groups. The goal was to get an opt-in for a free video. Here are the groups:

1 – My Facebook Fan Page

2 – My Twitter Followers

3 – A Generic Email List Mailing

4 – A Targetted Email List Mialing

How did they perform?

Facebook – 6.91% of total reach | 9.65% of total clicks | 15.25% of total optins

Twitter – 50.24% of total reach | 25.40% of total clicks | 3.39% of total optins.

Generic Emailing – 21.75% of total reach | 30.55% of total clicks | 44.07% of total optins

Focussed Emailing – 21.10% of total reach | 34.41% of total clicks | 37.29% of total optins

Obviously, from this we can see that 42.85% of the total reach (in email) gathered 81.36% of the optins – the final goal. Email is nowhere near dead and I still loves me my list.

However, here is the most fascinating fact to me: best click to optin ratio was Facebook by far. Facebook got 30%. One list, 27% and the other 21%. Twitter – as is hardly a surprise to me – was 3%.

Again, this was simple test will all sort of implications. It is by no means scientific but fascinating none the less. I’m gonna keep building my email list, but with the results I’m seeing from Facebook, I need to continue to be very serious about how I take on that beast.

I’d love your thoughts …

Photo from Brian Solis

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  • Andy White

    I’m surprised Twitter was so low – thought it had more legs.

  • Anonymous

    Really? I’m not surprised at all.

  • Dave Jackson

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been mentioning my email list more frequently in my podcasts.

  • BetterBizIdeas

    Paul …. nice data…. I’d agree / believe your data. I find Twitter less responsive than ever (lower clickthrough rates) based on my links over the last year despite having more followers and interaction with folks. Still sharing tons of useful links each day with my followers but the clicks just aren’t there like they used to be. It is why I am focused on growing my blog subscribers, fanpage and email list more than ever over the next year. I’ve had to get serious about content CREATION vs. CONSUMING :)

  • Best web hosting

    Really awesome post.Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    and when they sign up for your email, let your first post be a remind to “like” your fan page on facebook 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hard to get clicks on links without creating a reason 😉

  • Dan Safkow

    Fascinating. I’ll let our friend know the passing of email has been put on hold, for now : )

  • Anonymous

    The death of email is greatly exaggerated.

  • Teo

    So Paul, nowhere near is anything than creating an optin email list. Second -you got to have a Facebook Fan page….Am I right? Im from argentina and believe me, Facebook is all around… So I will go for the Fan page soon :)
    I only have 50 followers in twitter so no worry for that. ja.

    Cheers and Tx for this article…

  • Anonymous

    you’re welcome

  • Rob Metras

    Email is probably higher because your list knows what kind of quality content you put out although FB may be more social savvy peeps. Just sayin

  • Anonymous

    Yes – but that’s the nature of the relationship. They know what I can do because we have this email relationship. It’s just a better method for getting your word out.