Marketing To The Web Of Things – Time For A New Strategy

I’m going to guess about 30% of my audience is familiar with the concept of the “Web Of Things.” I link to the Wikipedia (also a thing) article here for those who need confirmation that I’m not making this up.

In short, the Internet is no longer about Web or Email, it is about a series of things – all Internet connected – that tell the complete story. It’s as much my iPad running email via Gmail IMAP as it is the ancient Nokia Cell Phone my Mom texts my 10 year old daughter on (who herself doesn’t have an account with ANY PHONE company – we’re doing this all through Google Voice). It’s as much apps as it is Twitter feeds on blogs. It’s as much YouTube on the TV Set as it is YouTube on my friend’s Android phone.

It’s Facebook via Web, via text, via email, via app, via Xbox, and via RSS feed that pours into my copy of Flipboard.

The Internet is everywhere and on everyTHING. Hence, … the Web Of Things.

What does all this mean to the marketer?

We have people who stopped reading email (for texts and Facebook updates). We have customers who would rather stick a fork on their eye than surf the Internet on their spyware infested Windows Vista Netbook. We have audiences who think content should be free – but have no problems paying a premium for their Apple Air Laptop. We have people who haven’t ordered checks in years with online bill pay and we have teenagers honestly surprised when a local store doesn’t take PayPal.

Did I mention gift cards for Farmville Money that you can buy at a 7-11?

Was going through the stats on my Father’s blog (he’s 72 and makes over a thousand dollars a month in adsense) and we found, in one month, 5 different Playstation 3s that were surfing his site. The favorite coffee table book at home is the print edition of Cake Wrecks, a popular Blog.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Today I want to share a few thoughts, and then ask for yours, on how we market to the Web Of Things. If the word marketing offends you, you probably aren’t reading this Blog anyway, but I’d say skip the rest of this just in case.

5 thoughts re marketing to the Web Of Things.

If your content only exists in one place, you won’t survive. You audience wants you content on their terms. If you don’t provide, they will leave you.

If your content relies on a single tech, you won’t survive. Just a YouTube strategy or a Web strategy or an any tech strategy is quickly making as much sense as a writing strategy where you don’t use certain letters of the alphabet.

If your content has ads that aren’t part of the content, most people won’t see them. It’s the natural evolution of things whether you like it or not.

If your revenue comes from advertising, people are going to stop paying you for ads nobody is looking at. It’s the next logical step.

If your revenue comes from your audience not having options, you need to get ready to say goodbye your audience. Because, friends, they’re quickly figuring out they have options – lots of options.

It’s the Web Of Things and you need to change your marketing accordingly.

Are you ready?

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  • Terry Leigh Britton

    I’m trying to figure out how to explain this to marketing clients – thanks for this very nice and concise list!

  • Stan Dubin

    Methinks you are much more cutting edge than you know, Paul.

    And what I mean by that is: this post and often other content you provide is great stuff for marketers looking to be ahead of the curve, but for many millions of small business owners out there, getting an effective email newsletter out to their clients is a big deal and ahead of the curve FOR THEM.

    Or putting up a web site that really delivers the key information a new customer wants to know AND drives them in—this is great stuff for a LOT of folks.

    I believe there’s an enormous number of business owners out there who are a) happy as a clam to be doing one aspect of online marketing REALLY WELL and b) are even happier that they can see new and/or repeat business being generated from having done so.

    Online marketing is moving forward at a rapid pace, and there’s definitely a market segment out there who want to use as many tools as possible and stay ahead of the next guy. I just think the much larger segment out there just wants to see a decent return on their investment and doesn’t give a hoot if it’s called Web 2, 3 or the Web of Things. Give them anything that works for real and they’re ecstatic.

  • Anonymous

    Good to hear the concepts are going ahead. What are you hoping they’ll do / change once they understand these things?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but give them the best possible solution for their time and money and you go to bed with a smile on your face.