Social Media Marketing Machines And YouTube – You Will Be Seeing More Of This

I am so tightly involved with this project that I need to say here that I do/will profit from all of the links/clicks contained in this post. It’s a given with my Disclosure Policy, but I feel the need to point it out here again. The goal of this blog post is to share what I’m learning along with way with Social Media Marketing Machines – but consider yourself warned.

So I’m working on a big project with the guys from Traffic Geyser (Nope, my life isn’t just the eMarketing Vids Channel at YouTube – although you will find we’re using CTA Ads in the YouTube Videos to direct people to the program). It’s called Social Media Marketing Machines and it’s a powerful one/two combo of tools and training – my favorite Internet blend.

If you click through to see what we’re up to, you’ll notice that we’re using YouTube for our video player (for all of the launch videos). This is not typical at all in the Internet Marketing space because you “can’t control” YouTube like you can “control” your own players.

While this is true, the math isn’t complete – and it’s what I want to examine here.

Playing with YouTube brings things to the table that you might not consider:

We see YouTube results in Google results when the numbers are high enough. Might the thousands of views generated by an Internet Launch help bring the videos from this launch into the right search terms a bit later in the game? I think so, and we’re going to try that here.

Also vital are YouTube insights. Think we’ve got something to learn from running this audience through the demographic machine that is YouTube’s stats machine? Think we might learn a few things?

Finally, and this one is a bit harder to quantify (and I’d love your thoughts below), there is the simple fact that the YouTube Player is familiar. People love YouTube. It brought us Charlie Bit My Finger and it brought us Susan Boyle. My gut reaction is that seeing a familiar player introduce such a pretty intense topic is going to make things, for lack of a better term, seem more approachable.

Again, any thoughts you have on that one, I’d love in the comments below.

YouTube is the default/defacto player for Internet Video (sorry Hulu, deal with it) for our computer screens, our telephones and our television sets. Google themselves are positioning her more as a platform than a publisher, and I think smart marketers should respond accordingly.

We’re giving it the old college try here at this launch and in a blog post soon, I’m sure I’ll let you know how it goes.

Discus/debate accordingly …

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Cindy Eyanson

    To me the biggest issue is being able to view on my iPhone. It amazes me the landing pages that are flash. Great article. The mix of you and Mike sure make me want to look deeper.

  • paulcolligan

    Forgot to mention that bonus fact as well. Can't tell you how cool that stats are that we're getting 😉

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  • David Walsh

    It's going to be interesting…. SMMM looks to redifine marketing through social media, especially YouTube.

    I'll be watching eagerly at the launch… I'm sure there'll be lots to pick up from it.


  • paulcolligan

    Oh there will be and there is. Obviously things are full force right now.

  • Chrissanne Long

    Something I think is also very important to mention, although I am not familiar with how YouTube keeps track of “Views” when the video is viewed in Facebook (would be cool to know!)… but YouTube is currently the only player that is Facebook friendly. When you share a link to a YouTube video, it is visually appealing, and makes it very easy for Facebook viewers to watch. I think making the content accessible to your viewers, as you REALLY would do if you were just sharing the video with friends…. So YouTube letting go a little is awesome news!

  • paulcolligan

    it is the best of both worlds!

  • Jaydee

    I do think Social Media Marketing Machines and YouTube is one combination I would not want to miss out on.

  • Henri

    YouTube is the default/defacto player for Internet Video for now but people will realize that this has a price.
    It's not free.
    I'm starting to realize that I shouldn't rely too much on Youtube because they're using my videos for their own purposes and POTENTIALLY HURTING MY BUSINESS.
    I'm a commercial real estate broker and at the beginning I used to host my own videos, then when I saw just how easy it was with Youtube…just upload, and embed; I did all my video marketing with Youtube.
    I was happy like a lot of others until last week.
    A few days ago, I received a complaint from a prospective client saying that I was using profanity in my office space videos.
    Let me tell you that profanity doesn't blend too well with corporate real estate.
    I thought this lady was a crackpot until I watched my own video.
    Youtube had substituted my music with a rapper song saying things like “I really want to fuck that bitch”
    On top of that and to make the mater even worst, they put adsense links on my video, links that lead to COMPETITORS.
    So guess what, I'm going to all that trouble to advertise for the competition and I get complaints from people who don't like profanity.
    I have 139 videos on Youtube (been there since 2006), that was a lot of trouble to upload. The concept of free is very nice but often thing aren't really what they look like.

  • paulcolligan

    Henri, I'll leave this up because it's a good warning for people who aren't paying attention to what is going on. However, I've never heard of anyone getting ads on their YouTube videos without first giving YouTube permission accordingly. Also, if you use copyrighted material on YouTube, it is clearly against their terms and they are allowed to do with accordingly. Personally, that switch out is in very poor taste (on YouTube's part) but everyone be careful. And yes, just because you don't pay for something doesn't mean it is free.

  • paulcolligan