Weekend Roundup: Done With The Experiment Edition

So I’m done with the 30 day part of the iPad Experiment. Next week a video review (or 2) and a special gift for anyone who owns an iPad. Things worth looking at this weekend:

I, along with a few million others, will be playing with their iPads this weekend. This is so much more than a 30 day adventure.

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  • http://www.gurubob.co/ Robert Somerville

    I can't imagine not having an iPad…seems like it is the device I have always been waiting for.

    Thanks Apple!

  • paulcolligan

    Sure is doing the job for me.

  • http://vincesamios.com Vince Samios

    I'm holding out for the iPad 2… I'm even holding out for the iPhone 5 (still got the classic)

  • paulcolligan

    Hold out is always tricky with tech. There is always something new coming so it can be an endless loop but … I get what you're saying.