Rent Your Content Via YouTube

I’ve been warning/writing/saying that this was coming for a long time now. Looks like things are getting even closer. In a recent Media Post article, we learn that Hunter Walk (head of product management at YouTube) is now speaking publicly of a “self-service method that will give moviemakers the ability to upload and provide their streaming content for rent” on our favorite video hosting service.

Now, we know video renting is live at YouTube.

We know YouTube on the Phone and on the TV both have the ability to enter in your account information.

Renting across all three screens is coming people, trust me …

What should you do about it? Well, the information marketers and content producers of this audience should consider what it would/could mean to have their content on the worlds biggest Internet Video Distribution platform for computer, television and telephone for rent.

And those without content might want to consider producing some.

Shameless self promotion: Thank goodness YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 is so near launch it isn’t even funny. If you want to get on the early bird list, fill out the form over at the site.

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  • Terry Allison

    You are always ahead of the curve Paul. I can feel those pennies slipping out of my pocket now. Time to get my video production in gear.

    Looking forward to learning about your YouTube Secret Weapon.



  • paulcolligan

    It is time for everyone to get their stuff in gear.

  • Detlev Tesch

    Exciting news, Paul.
    FYI: isn't available in Germany yet.
    Is it US only (for now)?

  • paulcolligan

    Interesting point – but I'm sure you'll see something soon.

  • Joe Noonan

    Hi Paul!

    Thanks for the eahds-up as always… I don't get the big picture… is this good news? Is my content at risk of being used by others?

    With 100+ videos and 3000+ subscribers (thanks to you and Julie Perry/YT Secret Weapon) I want to know! Is this offering me a new revenue stream?


  • Trevor Current

    Thanks for the heads up Paul. Question, reading the “Update” in the Media Post article, it sounds like rentals will only be available to members of the YouTube Partner Program or Individual Video Partnership (IVP) program, is this correct? If so how do I become a partner?

  • paulcolligan

    Yes, it's good news. Just a warning because people need to get ready to rent their stuff – and to create content worth renting.

    Thanks for the kind words about “YouTube Secret Weapon.” The 2.0 launch is oooooh so close …

  • paulcolligan

    It's coming 😉