Is Your Next Book An App?

I’ve been saying for a few years now that the real definition of Web 2.0 is “your content on your customer’s terms.” Everything really comes down to that as far as I’m concerned.

Techcrunch recently published a piece that says that authors need to publish their “next book” as an App (instead of an iBook). Great read – do it now.

While I like the concept, I’m not sure if that’s the direction. Perhaps the article should have asked if your next book should also be released as an App.

Yes, our content on your customer’s terms means a book isn’t enough.

But just an app isn’t enough either.

Your stuff needs to be available on a dead tree edition, an instant streaming edition, a phone edition, a pad edition, a plastic disk edition, an audio edition, a video edition, etc.

If you’ve watched the whole Vook thing, you might be thinking it’s the future. I’m calling it a gimmick. Show me any real content ONLY available on the VOOK format and I’ll change my mind.

So, content creators, I’m gonna suggest this simple fact: your future requires that you create your content on as many formats and platforms as possible.

Your thoughts?

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  • IamChrisLang

    Paul, can you tell me why suddenly everyone is overlooking the Kindle? You didn't even list it. Until recently, it was Kindle format only, now a friend just showed me it takes PDFs.

    I even see soccer mom type reading on Kindles at the park while their kids play and all the time at airports. But hardly a Internet marketing type ever mentions them. Why?

  • paulcolligan

    Chris, I didn't list every single format out there because there are thousands of potential formats.

    Yes, Kindle very important.

    As a device though, she needs to overcome to value add issue of the iPad versus Kindle.

    I've been reading everything on my iPad via the Kindle App – haven't bought a single iBook yet.

    And, haven't sold my Kindle(s) … Yet …

  • IamChrisLang

    Good points Paul. My problem with any Internet connected device is that it is Internet connected. With the whole world waiting for me at a click, I find it very hard to read something thru. To me that is the value of a Kindle and I went paperless 10 years ago, don't own pens, paper or a printer.

    However as Howie Schwartz delivers most of his content in PDFs he does get read highly by me. Everyone else tried and forgot that method 5 years ago, but since PDFs are universal and offline they get read highly by me.

    So in the end, I am agreeing with you. There will probably never be a one stop standard and devices will always look to get the upper hand in proprietary format. It will be up to us to deliver in every format and that goes for Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz too.