When Google Proves Your Point … (Compelling Web Video Without A Camera Or Microphone)

First things first – the Google commercial from yesterday’s Superbowl. If you haven’t yet seen it, please watch (video embedded below – if you can’t see the video, here’s a direct link to the video at YouTube).

Please notice (tongue in cheek).

  • The incredibly sexy model used. You can’t communicate anything online without the hot babes.
  • The amazing camera work only possible with the best HD cameras known to man.
  • The art production. They must have spent a fortune on licensing rights alone. But hey, it’s worth it for a Super Bowl Ad.
  • The script. I’m guess David Mamet wrote it? Spike Lee? Spike Jones?

Sure, sometimes you need (or want) a Red Camera filming Megan Fox in Mamet film directed by Spike Jones, but sometimes you don’t.

Want to produce compelling Web video? Google proved this weekend that you don’t need anything other than an idea and a computer. I’ve been saying this for years but when Google proves your point, it’s even better.

Will you create some compelling Web video with Google’s commercial as your inspiration?

Marketers Note: In an amazing piece of either providence (or just dumb luck), the Andy Jenkins Video Boss product free video series (affiliate link to a free video series) program, specifically video #2, just became 100 times more valuable.

Called Andy today, yes, he’s thrilled too.

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  • http://justinhitt.com/ Justin Hitt

    Interesting how Google commercial connects the separation people feel with computers to meeting someone abroad, then getting into a relationship, finally married with kid. Connects with a whole demographic that made on-line dating extremely profitable — and connects with trends in social networking. Well done.

  • paulcolligan

    Oh yeah, there's a ton to write about the makeup and content of the ad as well. Heck, there are a few dozen blog posts on how competition has Google actually needing to advertise as well. Lots of stuff here.

    But in the end, for me, I just love it that they helped me prove something 😉

  • http://emotrance.eu/ Detlev Tesch

    Hi Paul,

    just *love* the way you've set this up!! Brings a big smile to my face.

    And I do say, “You're right!”

    And it *IS* so interesting that big old Google does feel a need to do advertising…

  • paulcolligan

    These are exciting times we're in. Google has always been the minimalist player in this space so, yeah, I'm into it.

  • http://lisamariemary.com/blog/ lisamariemary

    YOU Can Do This …

    Thank you, Paul! Just, thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/standubin Stan Dubin

    I agree 1,000%. I'd like to become more skilled in video recording and editing and eventually I will. But having produced a simple video slide show that compelled 15% of the viewers to take a 200 question test convinced me I can succeed with simple and basic videos.

    And Andy Jenkins did make the case that most folks are afraid of video marketing because of the cost and expertise they feel is required. I was one of them and now I'm off to do more simple video slide shows that people like and take action after viewing. What more can you ask for?

  • paulcolligan

    well i've got the course too – amazing stuff inside of there. andy again, changes the game.