Which Is “Better” – Mac or PC In Video Editing?

My friend Mike attempts to answer the question – “Which is better, Mac or PC?” (related to video editing at least).

Since I purchased a new MacBook Pro yesterday, I thought I’d tell you why:

There is a “secret” angle to all this that most people forget. Actually, it ain’t much of a secret at all but next to nobody is leveraging this thing. The new Macs all have Intel chips inside meaning that they can run Windows if/when needed. Now where to some “pure” Mac users, that might seem like putting lipstick on a pig, there is an element of GET OVER IT that needs to be examined.

I’ll be honest, 95% of my computer time on this thing will be in full Mac mode. But, …

If I need a “full PC” to do some “full PC” things that only “full PCs” can do (Ustream.tv via PC has higher quality options – did you know that?), I use Bootcamp and have a full PC. Nice.

If I just need some Windows action during a computing session, I can run VMware Fusion and run “Real” Windows right on my Mac. No more having to have a PC laptop around the house just in case.

So, when I need a Mac, I have a Mac.

When I need some Windows action, I got it.

When I need a “Full PC” for some serious work, I got it.

Sorry Mike, but it doesn’t sound like a “debate” to me at all.

What do you use?

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  • http://www.melandtony.com/newdad/ tony Tips For Dads smith

    I personally use a pc because that’s what I grew up with and all i can afford, but tbh I would love a mac because I am into video and producing audio in a very big way and am sick of the pc in my recording studio crashing all the bloody time!

    I didn’t realise it was quite so easy to run a mac as a pc, so you’ve just removed a hurdle for me.

    I’m trying to win one at the moment (perhaps the only way I’m going to get one for a while!)

    Oh btw Paul, if you have any tips for new dads, I would love to hear them – I just found out I’m gonna be a dad so am compiling all the tips I can get.



  • http://www.webtesch.de Detlev Tesch

    Hi Paul,

    I totally agree!! I am a looooong time Mac user. Still there are times, when a bit of PC is needed – some people still don’t do Mac versions of their good stuff. My iMac can handle that nicely.
    Have used Parallels in the past, but it’s not working smoothly lately. So I might give Fusion a try.
    Have you ever tried CrossOver? Seems interesting, too.

    Bye from Germany

  • http://disqus.com/texnogeekz/ http://disqus.com/texnogeekz/

    I always use pc for video editing and then I put it on internet tv.

  • http://www.mac-media-softare.com Jacob Leeham

    Why should I use a PC for Videos? Mac got everything on board that I need liek iDVD and iMovie and actually there is so much competition in the the market for video converters and other media software for mac that prices are down. And … not sure if that is really measurable … I find the quality of image processing to be more accurate on my MAC

  • paulcolligan

    agreed on many levels