Boxee.TV – 7 Things I’d Change

I am a HUGE fan of Boxee.TV right now. It has changed the face of my home entertainment center and my strategy for 2009 in some pretty major ways, but that isn’t what I want to talk about here.

As I mentioned in the last Blog post, I bought a new MacBook Pro yesterday (and not for the reasons Mike suggested). I’m finding more and more that the Apple angle on life, etc., is more to who I am and that, really, Windows is just another program for me to run on my Mac.

But that, funny enough, isn’t the topic of this post either.

At my home entertainment center, you’ll see an Apple TV. I’ve loved her for a long time and have done everything I can through that device. I’ve loved her through Hulu and Netflix online despite, well, you know.

Then along came Boxee. She’s installed on my Apple TV.

My Apple TV just hit puberty – I always saw her potential, she’s just now showing it to me.

One sub $200 box gives me television, movies, pay per view, streaming, music, Internet Radio, etc. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.

But, Boxee.TV ain’t perfect (she’s closer than anything else I’ve seen). Here, not that you asked, is what I’d change:

  • I’d put together a master database of all shows, Podcasts, etc. in one space so you don’t have to know that “The Unit” is under CBS while “24” is a Hulu property (let alone, where in the heck to find Ask A Ninja). If we’re really going to “kill” the networks, let’s KILL ‘EM.
  • I’d have some option between “your friends know nothing about what you watch” and “you friends know EVERYTHING you watch.” Some people don’t want the world knowing about their Hannah Montana addiction.
  • Add a very simple “across the room” email and RSS experience to the program. A simple ticker of your latest email at the bottom of the screen while you’re watching a show could be really fun too.
  • Let us change the background image (I know they’re working on that).
  • Let users “subscribe” to individuals and find out not just the last 6 things that all your friends did – but their entire history as well. Suggest some thoughts leaders in different spaces too.
  • Let content producers produce “channel” options on Boxee. For example, I decide I’m a big fan of Ask A Ninja, I click a button and now the “Ask A Ninja Channel” is there right next to the other Internet video options.
  • Produce a $99 box that runs Boxee.

Played with Boxee yet? Your thoughts?

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  • Blaquesaber

    #8) Release WINDOWS version – SOON.

  • Richard

    I want the worlds of [programming/interface] from Boxee and Tivo to collide at high speed!
    .. and BAM…
    The world’s most powerful, intuitive, smart –
    Totally cool
    media viewing system in the world Is !
    Yay ~ !

  • avner ronen

    paul, thanks for the great feedback. my thoughts below:

    1) i agree. many people don’t know on which network a show is being aired. we should include webshows in the DB, some of these are getting really good.

    2) true. true. we actually had everything ready to support it. but we thought it may be too granular during the alpha, and that most people will not go into the trouble of configuring it. maybe it’s time for us to bring it back.

    3) i personally don’t like these CNBC/CNN tickers at the bottom.. but may make sense, and very easy to support.

    4) yes, we have many people asking for it. not sure whether the issue is that we have a bad taste, or that people just want to personalize their experience.. :) in the meantime you can change the picture by putting a new “/Applications/\ Skin\ NG/media/background.png” file

    5) makes sense. (btw, there are more than 6 actions. if you click on Friends Activity you’ll see some more)

    6) we also need to add support for Favorites/Bookmarks..

    7) :)) biggest issue is that we are software/Internet people… maybe we can find a HW maker that will want to partner with us… Roku? Western Digital? Seagate? Dell? others? we’d love to work with all of them


  • alexander alaric


    I know nothing about boxee or Apple TV but do like that TV is going more to the internet. Maybe the all-in-one solution will present itself soon.

    Your #1 gripe is well noted. Being searchable is the whole reason for it being on the internet.

  • brandon110

    aeon skin.

  • brandon110

    aeon skin.