My Roku Box Obsession

In recent news, Roku really wants to run other people’s content (OPC) through their $99 box.

Mark my words, when we have a $99 box that plays Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and a few others (Revision3, get on the box), people will start canceling their cable in droves and this crazy Internet Video thing will start ‘taking off.’

Does anyone reading this have any experience in the Roku API, etc.? How hard is it to get you content on this $99 box?

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  • Mike Wills

    I don’t know about the API, but I would seriously consider dropping (or just reducing my subscription level) if I could get everything online through Ruko (or another box).

  • Taylor Marek

    Hey! I think you found what I’ve been looking for! Gotta love new media, and since I won’t be upgrading to digital, this will be the perfect fit for me :)