A Cautionary Tale From Revision3

Before you go any further, read this post from Jim Louderback from Revision3 on how he spent his weekend.

There is no “simple” way to spin this – “new media” was attacked by an “old media” guardian.

A very sloppy guardian none the less, but, as they say, consider the source.

There is a battle going on here.

The “old” wants the “new” out of their space.

Ever wondered why it’s so freaking hard to consume downloaded DRMd content on more than one device while a broadcast flagged episode of American Gladiators can still be watched on a black and white television from the 60s?

Ever wondered why you never hear of Comcast throttling bandwidth hogs like Hulu?

Ever wondered why not a single “new” media company that have signed (financial) contracts with “old” media show up at events like the New Media Expo?

I sure have.

Read Jim’s post again.

Maybe it ain’t that complicated.

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  • http://homebusinessrichmond.com Vicki Zerbee

    Wow.. there certainly is boldness! I think that I will stick to working with my own home business.. much more quietly building a less complicated but still very lucrative presence online.

    Thanks for the explanation though.. always interesting to see how (and potentially why) these things happen.. and keep supporting integrity and reputable business practices on the net.

  • http://www.robblatt.com Rob Blatt

    I think it’s a little bold to call Media Defender and Old Media guardian. They are a company that is primarily hired by the companies you call old media, but they are not old media. While they might be vendors that are hired by Sony or UMG, they certainly are not those companies.

    While I don’t defend the actions of Media Defender, I certainly can’t get behind you when you make such broad generalizations like this. In general, this isn’t a war, it’s multiple businesses attempting to exist with one another.

  • http://www.paulcolligan.com Paul Colligan

    Old Media Defender as in “defender of old media”