Help Me Choose A Title For My Google Presentation

UPDATED: Here’s the recording

UPDATED: Final Title Decision – “New Media Mavericks: Will The Revolution Be Spidered?”

As I wrote earlier, I have the pleasure of presenting on the topic of “New Media” at Google. It will be sent by satellite to all of their offices and soon made available on YouTube.

Don’t worry, I promise I’ll tell you when it is live. And, yes, I’d still love your thoughts on anything you think I should include in the presentation.

I’m brainstorming killers titles and I’d love your thoughts on what would catch your attention.

Please place your comments below:

* New Media Mavericks: Why Google Might Not Spider Hollywood’s Future

* A New Media Manifesto: Content Has Seven Possible Futures

* The Seven Biggest Stars You’ve Never Heard Of

* Weapons Of The New Media Revolution

* The New Media Revolution Will Not Be Televised

* The Death Of Monoculture And Celebrity: Why New Media Changes Everything

And, please, if you have a better title, do list it below.

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  • Jay Berkowitz

    I like ‘The 7 biggest stars you’ve never heard of’.

    Aside from Adam Curry, who is on the list?

    Jay Berkowitz,
    The Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast

  • Ronaldo Ferreira

    – What’s up with the “7” thing?
    – I liked the “…will not be televised”.
    – The last one is also good.
    – “Long Tail” in the title may catch some eyes.
    That’s all I can think… I’m not so inspired tonight.

  • Marie L. Coccia

    Hello Paul. I originally heard you as a special guest during Alex’s most recent TSS. Here’s my best shot at your Google Video Title Challenge:

    “New Media: Instant Attention and The Art of The Possible”

  • Kerry Atma

    Hi Paul

    I like your brainstorms.

    TTop for me:t he New Mavericks (even allowing for its top position) followed by either of the sevens – which make me curious.

    Wising success
    Kerry Atma

  • Kenny Barrow

    I like:
    Weapons Of Killer Maverics: Seven Futures of The New Media Revolution

  • Ed Healy

    You’ve got references to ‘stars’ in your brainstorm. Google is all about ‘clouds’. Maybe you can work that relationship…

  • Marc David


    I cast my vote for: New Media Mavericks: Why Google Might Not Spider Hollywood’s Future

  • larry lawfer

    How about “From Me to We and the implications for business tomorrow: