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Screencasting can be very profitable (if you don’t believe me, listen to Profitable Podcasting #6 and know that Don is doing even better now than he was on the call (yes, there is growth in this space, even in the “techie space” if your plan is solid)). The default/defacto/standard screencasting product for the PC is a program called Camtasia Pro. It is currently in revision 5.

It ain’t cheap – but it is very powerful. I’ve been screaming at TechSmith for a Mac version.

I paid full retail for Camtasia 3 a few years back.

Want to get it for free? Download the demo here.

Register it here.

And yes, your registered version via this path works with the version 5 upgrade license.


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  • Jeannette Cezanne

    Ack! And they *still* don’t have a Mac version! (And yet Mac is the most graphics-friendly platform, still….)

    Do let us know when and if your screaming at them for a Mac product works.

    — Jeannette “Mac girl/SEO goddess” Cézanne

  • Matt Trostle

    Man, thanks a lot Paul! This is awesome! I’ve always wanted Camtasia but didn’t want to fork out the cash just yet. And the upgrade is only $149, even better!

  • Peter – Camtasia Guide

    Thanks for this information, Paul!

    If you are interested we are currently offering a special price on Camtasia Studio Upgrades from Camtasia Studio 3.0 to version 5.0.

    You can go to this page to upgrade:

    All the best,

  • Den Nicholson

    Thanks for the heads up, an awesome piece of software

  • Richard

    is anyone found the Mac version or know if it is available ?



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  • Franck Silvestre

    Thank you Paul.

    Now I got to play with my new tool. I had Jing project, it’s cool as well.

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  • Bill Vick

    I’ve dinged them dozens of time for a Mac version and it’s fallen on deaf ears and no response or acknowledgment

    I’m using iShowu on my Mac.

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  • Adrian Lee

    I have been using the free camstudio. Now I try the camtasia studio for my online video production course. Thanks.

  • scott

    Looks like a great deal…basically a 50% off coupon for the full blown pro version…

    Thanks a lot!

    Videos are such great traffic generators for your business…
    probably the #1 traffic driver at the moment…

    Take care,


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  • Mark Luton

    Thanks a lot for this. I had the trial version of Camtasia 5 but when it stopped working, I still couldnt justify the price.
    Cheers for now


  • Amaan Naufal


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  • Lou

    I downloaded Camtasia 3 back in Nov 07 – didnt get around to setting it up – now where do I go to be sent a reg key?

  • Martin Fuggle

    I have the same issue – I can’t find a site to get the key. It seems that the offer expired on 7th January 2008. Does anyone know if it is still possible to take advantage of the offer of free Cantasia Studio 3>

    Martin Fuggle

  • Jimbo

    … time to update this blog … the reg key offer is defunct!

  • Gerry Humphrey

    From their page “Due to an internet-wide leak of the Camtasia Studio 3 software that was intended exclusively for PC Plus readers, this offer has unfortunately been withdrawn.”

    The have a link for a 30 day trial for Camtasia Pro 5.1 on that page now.

    Techsmith, the makers of Camtasia and Snag-It do have a free product for Mac and PC that will probably meet the needs of many users. As they put it… “The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere.”

  • kit |

    hi all,
    Since camtasia is out of my price range, I investigated Snag It, Camtasia’s younger brother so to speak. I am happy to report, for like $39, you get the ability to do screen captures with audio, and a ton more stuff. I love Snag It.
    Please please check it out, it just might be all that you need in the long run.

  • Peter – Camtasia Guide


    Snagit is excellent screen capture, no doubt about that (I also run the website but the difference is that Camtasia Studio is a “screen recorder”. Snagit is great to capture, text, images, webpages and it can also be used to record what’s happening on your screen but you have no editing capabilities.

    If you are going to work with recordings you should definitely think about investing in Camtasia, you will not be sorry. I will be posting special offers on twitter: @SoftwareGuide

  • robin

    For all the mac users you can use
    its also created by techsmith


  • dez10

    Register link says not available…. what's up?

  • dez10

    Register link says not available…. what's up?

  • Suzanne

    Hi Paul
    is it still possible to get the registration key from your web page. I have downloaded the demo, but when I click where it says “Register here” it says that web page is no longer available.

  • paulcolligan

    Sorry, that offer is over.

  • Juegos

    I am looking for a Mac version of Camtasia

  • paulcolligan

    Well you can visit and note that they have a Mac version or you can go with Screenflow – a more popular screencasting application in the Mac community.

  • graham

    Hi where is the licence details for camtasia

  • Mr.Bhavesh

    Hi Suzanne,
    I have same problem,have you any possible solution for the same??

  • Kenneth Dupreez

    Hi paul. i downloaded camtasia, went to register it, and the page had been moved. is there a new location?

  • How to register a website

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  • Anonymous

    The offer is no longer valid – sorry about that.

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  • Dr Umesh R Bilagi

    thanks paul

  • jim

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