– Free Preview Week

From November 5 to December 14, I’m going to be hosting/producing a major training program called Some highlights include:

  • We’re going to steal a concept from the cable companies and offer the first week entirely for free. If you like what we offer, then you can purchase the entire package after that.
  • Included in that first week package will be a video series on installing your blog (and your options), details on how to get your blog highlighted in USA Today (for FREE), the “Who Should Be Blogging?” teleseminar, my “WordPress Secret” and more.
  • Delivery mechanisms will be plentiful (and all managed by For the “Web 1.0 types” we’ll have a private membership site. For the more adventurous, the entire program can be delivered by RSS to the (audio and video) player of your choice. For the Casgle Podium beta test participants, they’ll have the chance to get the class delivered right to their “little black boxes.”

The video below, “The 7 Laws of Profitable Blogging” – should give you a taste of what is to come.

As I write this, the website ain’t much. That’s because, all along the way, I’m updating and taping the videos for the students to watch. You can expect something fun on Monday.

If you are interested in getting all of the Free Preview Week Content sent to your inbox (including the USA Today offer), send a blank email to

And, of course, you can always subscribe to this blog through any of the many options found here.

The robots will handle the rest.

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  • linda m lopeke

    Hey Paul,

    You give good blog! Thanks for the 7 Laws. (I enjoyed listening to your sexy voice too!) I really have to get something happening in the blogosphere (would you believe it if I told you I’ve had a Typepad account for months but haven’t really done anything with it yet?) Everything you said made so much sense. Time to take action. Thanks for the post.

    Linda M. Lopeke
    SMARTSTART: Success-to-go for people working @ the speed of life!

  • Bruce Smeaton

    Hey there, Paul… what an EXCELLENT piece of content your “7 Laws” video is! Here I was – sitting at my computer – re-writing the content of one of my sites so that it conforms to “latent semantic indexing” (which, as surprising as it must seem to many hard-core traditionalist SEO’ers) works brilliantly according to my latest stats – when I decided to take time out to watch your video…

    Really meaty stuff! I didn’t actually know about the alternative to feed.feedburner (damn, I should’ve written that Google service down you mentioned).

    Oh, and I too have known “Monsieur” for some 24 months now *wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more*

    Actually, I build WordPress blogs using “that” particular blog platform for ALL my clients these days. It is absolutely the “best of the best” (no offence to the likes of Authority Site Center and co) when it comes to value for money.

    I sure as hell like what you’ve done with Very nice indeed, Paul.Did you get a template designer to “strip” the “secret” down to its bare bones and then produce what the world sees as your blog???

    Looking forward to what you have to share with us later in the coming week:)

    Bruce Smeaton
    Creating Wealth Through Government Guaranteed, Fully Managed, Rent Guaranteed New Zealand Investment Property

  • Elizabeth Harrington

    Hey Paul that was a great video on the 7 Laws of blogging! ! As usual you give great value in content……loved it! Now I’m off to check out your wordpress secrets. Of course as one of your Podcast Secrets students, I’m assuming I may already know the secret..AND ready to implement it now.
    Thanks again for your great information.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your new community imthemedia and
    your new blogging course.

    Elizabeth Harrington
    The New

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  • Lynell

    Hi Paul great content for people who already have their sites up and know what they are doing.