MySpace News “Stealing” My Content?

TechCrunch ran a piece today “MySpace News Is Stealing Your Search Results.” Some in the comments are accusing the author of linkbaiting, but I think it is an interesting piece.

In short, MySpace “News” is framing content from other sites and producing the kind of pages that look like they’re their own. I’ve been noticing it for a few months now and never took the angle that TechCrunch is.

But now that they mention it …

The fun part is that they used content from the Tivo/Podshow piece of earlier today as their example.

So, screenshots of this little blog have ended up at the Crunch. I couldn’t be prouder.

But my question is this, do you think MySpace is ‘stealing’ content like TechCrunch says or is this just linkbaiting.

I.e., do I have a case? 😉

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  • William

    Heh. Techcrunch is just trying to whip up a frenzy. But, it’s the same thing About, Netscape, and all those do. They’re embarassing themselves more than MySpace.

  • Diane

    No, I don’t think MySpace is “stealing” your content. They are directing traffic to your site. I have a website featured on there and I have three times as many visitors as I used to.

  • Suzanne Stanford

    I agree with Diane. I think MySpace is just directing traffic to your site. I think it’s great! Anytime you can get more traffic to your site it’s worth it!

  • Terrance Charles

    Hey Paul, I just looked at it over at techcrunch too, from what I see it seems correct as far as them using the content for their own benefit to gain more market share in the search engine. I don’t see anything really redirecting, if there taking content and adding their name to it, that’s stealing.

    Terrance Charles