So, Does The iTunes Wifi Store Do Podcasts Or Not?

Geekbrief #225 and CrankyGeeks #80 both had participants (from Podshow) who claimed that the iTunes Wifi Store did Podcasts.

Everything I read says otherwise.

What do they know that I don’t?

Does anyone have access to the iTunes Wifi store yet?

Does it do Podcasts or not?

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  • http://EdRoberts.TV Ed Roberts

    Everything I’ve seen was no as well. One thing from GB225 was that it was an interview immediately after the keynote with one of people attending the event. Apple threw out the number of podcasts earlier in the presentation. The correspondent, when asked about podcasts in the WiFi store, jumped to those numbers despite the fact they were in a completely different part of the keynote from the product offerings.

    I guess the true test will be when it’s released in a couple weeks.

  • John

    I just came from an Apple store where iTouch was being displayed with iTunes wifi. Sadly podcasts were not available on wifi. As a matter of fact, when searching for them on iTunes wifi, it replied no such term found.
    I thought OK, how about just downloading them directly from podcastalley or other such site through Safari? No luck. While you can access podcastalley, downloads do not appear to be permitted with the Safari software.
    Overall pictures and video are beautiful on the iTouch. But without a true wireless connection that includes download capabilities, I’m just not seeing it’s value.

  • Pete

    I have also looked for apple wifi podcasts and could not find anything, this is very surprising. Wifi is being introduced but at a slower pace than I expected.

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  • ADSL Viettel

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