Podcasting “A Way Of Life” Inside Microsoft?

You gotta watch this video:

Got this from a posting at the Podcast Expo forum:

I work at Microsoft on a new Corporate podcasting platform called Academy Mobile. I’d like to informally meet other companies, consultants or podcasters who have an interest in enterprise podcasting. We just launched our platform internally and I’ll be happy to share our experience so far and exchange ideas.

Will wonders never cease.

Paolo Tosolini, I’d love to meet with you. Got a few ideas I do.

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  • http://TheAceLife.com AceLife

    How many years late are they?

    I’m just glad to see their getting into the mix, that interface looks clunky though….

  • http://EdRoberts.TV Ed Roberts

    Microsoft has actually acknowledged podcasting for quite a while. This includes in the documentation for the Zune. Of course, this isn’t a public thing, it’s new media initiative within Microsoft as a company. Free exchange of ideas.

    What excites me the most about it is that it would appear as they are beta-testing their new media integration with Sharepoint. Considering that they are using this as their platform, it makes you almost expect to see them distribute it with or as an add-on to Sharepoint to the public. That means more companies get exposed to the value of integrating new media into their corporate culture.