Scobleshow Is Making 400K?

On a day when I should be working, I decided to follow some themes here. Can’t believed I missed this thread – a few weeks old now, but enjoy.

It started with the anti-Podtech rant over at Valleywag. The claim was Furrier and family haven’t been able to “hurry up and find some particularly dumb venture capital firm” to fund their efforts.

Why do I read Valleywag?

A quick jump to the Podtech thread at Valleywag with Valleywag’s claim that Scobleshow is making Podtech more than $400k a year.

Obviously had to dig into that.

That took me to BuzzMachine and then to (sometimes those comment links are worth their weights in gold) that actually offers a recording of the event where these beans were spilled.

If you read the comments, Scoble doesn’t argue these numbers at all. He wants to make sure we know this ain’t his paycheck – but that’s just how he is.

So, if this is the $10 CPM deal some have suggested, that means we’ve got 40 million downloads of his show per year. Divide that by 365 days, you got more than 109589 shows per day downloaded. Also more than 4566 an hour. More than 76 a minute. More than 1 a second.

I’m gonna guess it ain’t that.

But, let’s look at real simple numbers.

$400k to own Scobleshow for a year and launch Bloghaus.

Is that a good deal? You could do much worse out there.

What if Bloghaus wasn’t included in that?

What if it was just $400k to be associated with the Scoble name and buzz for all of 2007.

Bad deal?

Microsoft paid 6 billion for a company that nobody can tell me what they do.

How many billion did Google spend on YouTube? Do people really buy liability for billions? I’m willing to sell my HomeDepot card bill for just a thousand bucks.

400k? Good for you Scoble.

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  • Robert Scoble

    Thanks, actually my deal with Seagate was separate from BlogHaus. I’m not disclosing how much my deal was, only to say it’s six figures per quarter. Of course that goes to PodTech. I’m paid significantly less (I have an editor now, though).

  • Paul Colligan

    So 400k is the minimum take.



  • Michael Walsh

    There seems to be a lot of cycinism around other sites when discussing making money from podcasts/blogging/…

    Am I the only one who feels genuinely happy for Robert Scoble? Him taking a risk, now doing what he loves and getting paid well for it. I think it’s awesome news.

    (It takes guts to do that though)

  • Paul Colligan

    I’m thrilled he’s doing that well. Couldn’t be happier.


  • Robert Scoble

    Thanks to both of you! I’m trying to get more bloggers/podcasters/videobloggers sponsorship deals too!

  • Kenny

    If you can do what you love, and get remunerated for it – my kudos to you.
    Keep up the great work, Scoble.

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