CPM Is Dead

Tim Bourquin makes a great point about why CPM is “broken” over at his blog.

The only thing I’d ad to his comments is this … and it comes from all people … Microsoft. Enjoy the embedded video.

If it doesn’t happen in your reader, trust me and click on over to see this one.

CPM created the “guy” in this video. Anything that makes our audience just numbers created the guy in this video.

The gal in this video wants a divorce.

So do a lot of audiences.

I bet you if the guy treated her with the respect she deserved, she’d stay.

Again, gotta say thanks to Microsoft for this video. Now I hope/pray that they practice what the preach.

FWIW, Tim, your Podcast and New Media Expo is the only exhibitor booth conference that I’d spend money to attend, let alone buy a booth.

And I fully expect my booth at Podcast And New Media Expo to pay off much better than one at NAB, Comdex, or anything else could.

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  • http://bringtheloveback.com Geert

    Glad you liked it… and we´ll definetly try to live up to our promises.

  • http://www.rawvoice.com Jeff Hinz

    The CPM model is not broken. If you choose to negotiate ad deals based on a CPM that includes all delivered impressions, then so be it. A broadcast TV buyer would never negotiate a buy based on “Household” CPMs, which is what the current all-inclusive Internet CPM equates to. Rather, all established media buyers negotiate on a “Target” CPM. Online media metrics must be comparative to offline media metrics in order to be considered. There is no reason to reinvent the metrics – just do yourself a favor and learn how to negotiate like the rest of the world.

    Jeff Hinz

  • http://www.paulcolligan.com Paul Colligan


    Since you left the exact same comment in Tim’s post, I’ll leave Tim’s response to do the job.


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