A Good Day All Around – Reports of the Feedburner Purchase (And What They Mean)

TechCrunch is “confirming” the $100 million purchase of Feedburner by Google.

I guess my Good News category was a good idea. Been a good week for new media.

First of all – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Feedburner family is nicest group of people I’ve ever dealt with (online or off). This simply couldn’t happen to nicer people. Want to experience this love? Podcast Tools #40 has a great interview with two of their VPs after Podcast Expo 2006.

But now, let’s talk specifics – why does this deal make so much sense for Google?

  • Adsense/Adwords integration into RSS and Podcasts is their obvious next step. They just bought their way into the guys that power a mongo chunk of this space. Best part is, the users like these guys so … a win/win.
  • Adsense integration with Urchin (another smart purchase) makes for a very powerful combo. Imagine being able to see that your North American ad inserts were actually only downloaded in North America.
  • Search of Podcast content. Need I say more?

And, … why is this good news for Podcasters?

  • The future of new media is not exponential growth so we can match old media insertion rates. The future of new media is the revenue opportunities that come from not having to broadcast to the masses. To see those opportunities, we’ll need the tools. Google/Feedburner (Feedoogle? GooBurner?) just might be the ones to provide them.

Congrats Rick, Don, Traci – and everyone else out there.

So, will there only be one booth between the two of them at Podcast And New Media Expo?

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  • http://www.geeknewscentral.com Todd Cochrane

    Obviously you do not care about your subscribers privacy. While I am happy for the team, This is a very sad day for subscribers of feeds on FeedBurner. http://www.geeknewscentral.com/archives/007047.html

  • http://www.paulcolligan.com Paul Colligan


    Yup, you figured me out.

    Hope nobody else figures that out.


  • http://www.OnlineMarketingMonthly.com Rick Butts

    Google Eats World – Film At 11th Hour

    Good for Feedburner, good for Google, and Goodness Yeah for the amazing and brilliant Paul Colligan!

    Links is good. Here’s how I found you today Paul. Jack Humphrey mentioned this sale on his Friday Traffic Report – then I went to the TechCrunch site – where I saw a link to you – and now I am here in the clutches of the mighty Pod God!

    Good to see you Paul – and congrats on your rockin’ success.

    Rick Butts
    The Man, the Myth, the Legend.