Sorry Scoble, But Wallstrip’s Purchase Is A Fabulous Thing

Updated: Scoble responds. See comments below.

Robert, I love you dearly and appreciate all your doing for this space but … please celebrate with some friends here.

Just look at TechMeme lately. It’s not about building stuff. You don’t see Ajaxian or the Make Blog on TechMeme. You see Wallstrip selling for a few million to CBS.

Why is this bad?

Wallstrip selling for a few million to CBS is fabulous news. How can you possibly be complaining when somebody uses technology to accomplish their goals?

Arrington says …

Times are good, money is flowing, and Silicon Valley sucks.

Whereas I agree with the main theme of the article (valley needs some common sense), why are we picking on Wallstrip? Yes, earlier I wrote of Microsoft spending silly silly silly silly money on a “me too” move, hats off to the guys who got ’em to pay it.

And, Scoble, PodTech took a lot of VC money hoping for the same kinda return didn’t they – or did they do that for fun as well?

Jealousy is never pretty.

Somebody grabbed a camera, attached an idea, entertained (and taught) a bunch of us, and got a gig with CBS as a result.

That dream is attainable. Wallstrip proved that. Howard, can I buy you a beer?

How could this put anybody into a malaise?

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  • howard Lindzon

    Paul – great post. The west coast nerds are totally missing it. While they whone about new media being dead and blog about it, old media is using their cash flow to buy ORIGINAL content. Scoble is whining. Nothing original from him in two years.

    Completely great news and great that Techmeme is covering more than just techcrunch and scoble stories and gossip and whining.

    They need to work smarter and get on a plane to the east coast. They are scared

  • Andy Swan

    Jealousy is the ONLY explaination for someone IN video blogging to be upset about the Wallstrip deal. “But…but…but…I….I…”

    Real business dudes LOVE when competitors get bought at “high” valuations. Children get jealous.

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  • Robert Scoble

    You misunderstood me. Wallstrip selling IS a fabulous thing. I hope to do the same. But the focus has shifted from building to cashing in. And THAT is NOT a good thing.

    And “nothing original?” Yowza.

  • Paul Colligan


    Thanks for the comment.

    I’ve seen some original stuff in the last few years – for what it’s worth.


  • howard lindzon

    As if Robert would turn down a good offer. they raised too much money for a reasonable exit. Bad structure and no matter what they build, they can’t cash out.

    Sour grapes Robert. Nice try.

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