Tinfoil Hats And iPhone Speculation – An October Surprise in May?

Alex and I got a lot of comments regarding our speculation that the iPhone will do next to nothing for Podcasting. Very little of it was, “nice.”

A new report says that consumers aren’t willing to spend $500 on a cell phone. They are expected to follow up with an article about people not willing to a pay a lot for that muffler (old guy joke).

Something hasn’t set right with me (and most out there) about the release of the iPhone. It has just seemed to bloated in price and too limited in features to really “matter.”

We know that when the phone is finally released, there will be a few more killer apps to get us to buy it. That’s the way his Steveness works.

Put on tin foil hat now.

We know that Apple had some pretty strong requirements for their partner for this platform. We know that they expect to revshare with their provider.

We know that their revshare with the record companies hasn’t gone well.

We’ve read that Apple is selling this thing for twice the price of the parts.

What if the thing released in June with a $199 price tag and they made no money on the product, just on the services that go with it. $249 – price of the existing iPod?

AT&T would launch with a killer phone/platform and customers would buy the thing because it was the same prices as a video iPod.

What if it was the ONLY way you could get the widescreen iPod?

Remember, when Steve first released the iPod, you could only use in on a Mac – a small subset of the computing world.

Come on, admit it, it is worth thinking about.

Take off tin foil hat now.

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  • http://www.markevanstech.com Mark Evans

    Is there any wireless device that consumers will pay $500 to purchase? Why Apple thinks it can break the mould puzzles me.

  • http://www.podcastingnews.com/ jlewin


    Apple could easily have a megahit on its hands. Did you notice that the survey found that 1 in 4 planned to buy an iPhone? That’s an freakily high percentage of people that plan to buy any technology!

    Your price speculation may not be that wild – Apple cut $100 off the iTV. If they cut their margin on the iPhone to 20%, they’ll sell like hotcakes.