More Stats On The Webinar – Audience Increase Of More Than 400% Because Of Timeshifting

A few weeks back I held a free Webinar about The goal was to show people how to use GotoWebinar to create video Podcast content. We had a good time and a lot of you took a look at the content. I was thrilled to have you join me.

How about some stats, eh? As of the time I wrote this:

Ratio Of Live Participants Versus Timeshifted Consumers: More than 4 times as many people consumed the Webinar at a later date versus live participation in the event.

Percentage of Total iPod Downloads: 5.7% of the audience asked for downloads specifically formatted for the iPod. 7.5% asked for the Quicktime format. 1 asked for PSP format. More than 13% of the audience was looking for non-(traditionally)Microsoft formatted downloads.

Percentage of audience asking for downloads in the Microsoft Windows Video Format: 79.9%.

Conversion Of Participants to Paid Customers (So Far): 1.6%

What did we learn here?

By offering my Webinar as a multi-platform download for later consumption, I increased my Webinar audience by more than 400%.

I also have a piece of training material that I can archive and offer in other products that I might put together.

I also expect to sell a few more seats for the class without spending another minute on content production.

P.s., if you are looking to get into the class, I have 9 slots left. After that it is full.

UPDATE: CLASS IS NOW FULL. No new applicants will be taken. Class recordings will be offered as a bonus in the Podcast Secrets course.

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  • Don Shults

    Great Information!

    I guess I should have expected that you would get more people consuming the product with multiple formats. Just didn’t realize it would be that significant.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Don Shults
    The SharePoint Coach