Tivo Raises Prices … Yup … Smart Move

According to David Zatz, Tivo is raising their prices – just in time for the holiday season.

My vote – really bad move.

What Tivo brings to the table is very cool – and very powerful.  But at some point, many will be asking if it is worth price.

We got a lot closer to that point today.

Not a good move Tivo.

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    Actually, work the math. In the end, out of 30 permutations (80-hour S2, 80-hour S2DT, and 180-hour S2DT bundles from TiVo.com, and 540 and non-540 rebate units from retail times the 6 pricing options) 21 of them *dropped* in cost. 1 stayed the same. 5 increased just slightly – $13.60-$15 for 1-year, and one $18 increase over 2-years.

    There were only three (or two, depending on how you look at it) noticeably increases. The two 1-year monthly S2DT bundles each increased $40. The 1-year monthly non-540 retail net increased $54.

    All of the three year plans dropped, up to $154 off the old prices. All but one two year plan dropped, the exception went up $18 spread over 2 years.

    One 1-year plan stayed the same. Four of them had only minor increases, $15 or less. With the remaining three showing real increases.

    Overall, this is a price decrease more than an increase.

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