Microsoft Podcast Client – or Mix06 Myth?

Update Again: Clarification – no hype.

Updated: I guess this is real. Here’s some video from The Agency Blog. Apparently, it’s tied into Vista Media Center Edition. Odd choice.

According to the Agency Blog:

Microsoft will be shipping its own podcasting client with source code and SDK included, it announced on Tuesday @ Mix06.

WOW. About time. I hope this is true.

A search of the Website brought up nothing, a search of brought nothing and an MSN search brought up nothing. Channel 9’s (I am listening, Scoble) Mix 06 tag doesn’t bring up anything, and since there is no Podcasting or Podcast tag, what to do?

Even Technorati doesn’t have a thing.

Is this for real – or are you just playing with my emotions.

If you do have a client for Podcasting, please let me beta it. I’m an MVP, my books on FrontPage have sold over 100 thousand copies and I’ve sold a lot of FrontPage support products (and employed a few FTEs in the process) at the different sites – would love to help here.

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  • Giovanni Gallucci


    Here’s the skinny. The podcasting client was demoed in all it’s glory as an application that is tied into Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center Edition. The interface is…beautiful, liquid, elastic…Apple engineers and designers may be moonlighting over in Redmond. :-) I’ll see if I can dig up some video/more images and post them to my blog for you. As for getting your paws on this…you need to be looking for the Beta for the Vista Media Center Edition.

    Keep posted the for media on this…

  • colligan

    Thanks for the skinny Giovanni.

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