Internet Explorer 7 Beta – “Podcast Support” – Nope – Not Even Close …

So, I drank the Kool-Aid from and others that claim that the new IE7 beta includes Podcast support. I downloaded it. It’s nice but I think I’ll be staying with Firefox for the time being.

It has some kind of enclosure support (which means direct links to download Podcasts) that is still in beta mode so I won’t pound on it too hard (yet) – but it ain’t got Podcast support.

Podcast support is syncing the files in the background and transferring it to the device of your choice. See, we don’t like being tethered to our computers any more.

Also, to further the mess, they really do a strange job on Feedburner feeds as reported by Josh earlier today.

And one more thing guys – if you’re gonna to tabbed browsing, make an “Open in New Tab” option.

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  • Josh Bancroft

    In defense of the MS RSS Team, they blogged today on the IE blog that the “Windows Feed Store”, the backend stuff that allows for storing feed items and enclosures, won’t show up until Vista. It will be made available for Windows XP, but it’s NOT in IE7 Beta 2 Preview.

    So, for now, all we really get is a way to bookmark feeds, and display them with the fancy IE7 stylesheet.

  • colligan

    That’s why I said the “beta” don’t have Podcast support.

    I want/hope/pray the final version does.

    I just don’t think it will happen.


  • David Langford

    “And one more thing guys – if you’re gonna to [sic] tabbed browsing, make an ‘Open in New Tab’ option.”

    On my IE7 if you right click in a link, it does have an “Open in New Tab” option.

    Overall, I’ve like IE7 but the Feedburner issue burns me too.

  • colligan

    Interesting – mine doesn’t have that.

  • Jason Van Orden

    There’s really nothing convenient about finding, browsing or subscribing to podcasts in IE7. As Paul mentioned, it doesn’t sync. This is really something for the next Win Media Player, but our hopes for that seem to already be dashed.

    I might get used to this for my blogs though. Right now I’m a Pluck user, though, and that seems to work pretty will for me.

    I use the Creative Zen Micro to listen to podcasts. I sync with WMP. If they would just put podcast support in WMP and make it as easy as iTunes, that would be great…not only for me, but also for my subscribers.